Rear View Mirror Investing

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Statistics are like Mini Skirts, They reveal most things but cover the most important thing. This is one such superficial argument – first of all, it doesn’t talk about Income Tax – if you are in 30% slab, the FD amount becomes 10490 , then it takes a bad year to compare

How about taking the Real return after taxes of Rs 1 L invested 10 years ago? Real Return is after paying Income Tax

Amount in US market became half from 2008 to 2009 – almost 50% negative returns – Warren Buffet did not go bankrupt, he stayed put and it became multi fold

FD is wealth preservation and Equity is for Wealth Creation – An Investor should decide based on his need, investment goals and risk appetite

FD rates in India are just about the Inflation rate – small shift in FD rates or in Inflation would make them meaningless

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